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Meals on Wheels and Friendly Visitor volunteers enjoy an appreciation Ice Cream Social at Cardinal Point
on September 30th. Our yearly "Thank You" to our volunteers was enjoyed by all.



Events & News


      2021 Dine & Donate Calendar
January 4         Alameda Cinema Grill
January 25       Park Street Tavern
February 17     East Ocean Seafood Restaurant
March 1            Asena
March 27          C'era Una Volta
April 2              Alameda Cinema Grill
April 19            Park Street Tavern
May 4               Trabocco
May 20             Hobnob
June 4             SAGA Kitchen
June 23           Otaez
July 7              Dragon Rouge
July 20*           East Ocean Seafood Restaurant
                         *this is a rescheduled date - no longer July 21 or 22*
August 4          American Oak
August 23        Acapulco Alameda
September 8    Hobnob
Nov 10-12        SAGA Kitchen



Spring 2021 Newsletter

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Alameda Meals on Wheels regrets that due to an error, Trabocco Kitchen & Cocktails was inadvertently omitted from the list of restaurants that have hosted Dine & Donate events for us. Trabocco's Dine & Donate was held on May 4, and AMOW is grateful to Trabocco for being one of our most loyal and generous supporters.

Fall 2020 Newsletter

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

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